Crystal Structure Analysis Principles and Practice 2e

A. Blake

Crystal Structure Analysis Principles and Practice 2e

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Crystal Structure Analysis Principles and Practice 2e - opis

Offers a balanced and readable overview and background of the subject as an entry point to understand and/or perform a single crystal structure analysis. As such, I can highly recommend this book as a companion to a hands-on course around one of the available structure determination software packages. Ton Spek, Crystallography Reviews

Crystal Structure Analysis Principles and Practice 2e - spis treści

1. Introduction to diffraction ; 2. Introduction to symmetry and diffraction ; 3. Crystal growth and evaluation ; 4. Space group determination ; 5. Background theory for data collection ; 6. Practical aspects of data collection ; 7. Practical aspects of data processing ; 8. Fourier syntheses ; 9. Patterson syntheses for structure determination ; 10. Direct methods of crystal structure determination ; 11. An introduction to maximum entropy ; 12. Least squares fitting of parameters ; 13. Refinement of crystal structures ; 14. Analysis of extended inorganic structures ; 15. The derivation of results ; 16. Random and systematic errors ; 17. Powder diffraction ; 18. Introduction to twinning ; 19. The presentation of results ; 20. The Crystallographic Information File (CIF) ; 21. Crystallographic databases ; 22. X-ray and neutron sources ; Appendix A: Useful mathematics and formulae ; Appendix B: Questions and answers

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