Case Studies in Food Engineering

J. Clark

Case Studies in Food Engineering

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Case Studies in Food Engineering - opis

This volume presents case studies in food engineering. It is organized in three broad sections. The first concerns processes that are primarily physical, such as mixing, and the second processes that also involve biochemical changes, such as thermal sterilization. While the third section addresses some broader issues, such as how to tour a plant, how to choose among building a new plant, expanding or renovating; and how to develop processes. From the reviews: "Clark ... has more than 40 years of experience in the field; this is evidenced by the significant practical engineering knowledge that he imparts in this book. The work describes thermal sterilization and nonthermal sterilization processes in detail. ... A good list of references, a glossary, and many examples are included. This book will be useful to professionals and can serve as ... a good textbook on food engineering. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals; two-year technical programming students." (L. E. Erickson, Choice, Vol. 47 (4), December, 2009)

Case Studies in Food Engineering - spis treści

Section 1: Processes Based Largely on Physical Operations.- Dry Mixing.- Snacks and Baking.- Breakfast Cereals.- Pet Foods.- Fruit and Vegetable Juice Processing.- Membrane Processing.- Freeze Drying.- Section 2: Processes Based on Biochemical Reactions and Thermal Treatment.- Continuous Thermal Processing.- Retort Pouch Foods.- Ice Cream.- Sausages and Other Meat Products.- Non-thermal Processing.- Section 3: A few broader topics.- Economic Evaluation.- Design of a New Facility.- How to Tour a Food Plant.- Build New, Expand, or Upgrade?.- Developing Processes.

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